The JPbureau Group’s marketing communications expertise covers the fields of:

– Analysing the market and developing the strategies that will make you achieve your business goals. The art is to make the complex task of marketing planning simple. To identify the issues that really matter in relation to your project – and then to prepare and communicate the plan. The best planner wins – he keeps his focus, he optimises the use of resources, he knows exactly what he is going for and does things the smart way, and he has efficient monitoring capabilities allowing him to react and adjust in order to stay on the track to success.
– Developing the concept and communication strategy as well as the communication and promotion programmes and materials accordingly. Developing the bright, creative and innovative ideas that help getting the messages through to the target groups. Intelligent and competent copywriting in different languages meeting the market communication requirements. Using tests and focus groups when relevant. Always having the implementation challenges in mind and to develop materials, which not only fulfil the market communication tasks but are also easy and efficient to use. Campaign management including monitoring and evaluation – all to ensure the best cost-efficiency ratio of your investments.
– Your brand may be your most precious asset. But what really are your brand's values? Are they properly or fully developed? How do you exploit and/or increase your brand's values? How do you make sure that the market, you target, knows about, appreciates and desires your brand's values? Are the brand values thoroughly integrated and fully utilised in your market communications? Do you have a clear strategy for when you go above and when you go below the line?
– Formulation and visualisation of your corporate identity and your values and attitudes. Is your Mission and Vision Statement updated and does it reflect your real position and your goals of today? Are they communicated and understood in the right way – both internally and externally? Is your corporate design matching the needs of today, and is it easy to work with? Is the internal enforcement of the corporate identity guidelines efficient and servicing the users? Do you evaluate your corporate identity tools from a cost-efficiency point of view?
– High-quality production at competitive prices and ensuring the design consistency of all materials – altogether to ensure the best possible impact and results. The JPbureau One-Stop-Company Concept proves successful every time! We consult you in choosing the solutions that will give you the best return on your investment. The synergy-value obtained from the JPbureau One-Stop-Company Concept means savings to your budget that allow you to do more or invest in other activities. Mastering all major disciplines in-house is our best platform for high quality, cost-efficiency and in-time solutions.
– The right advert – image, product or job vacancy – with an attractive and target meaningful layout emphasising the communication to the target groups, the persuasive purchase proposition, placed in the right target-rich media or locations, with the highest reach and frequency, and beating the noise level of the competition – you will be some important steps closer to success. Media spendings are often a large post on the budget and top-quality media planning is a must and can improve your results often more than you expect. To obtain the synergy from use of different media is a task for professionals.
– The effect of electronic media is often impressive. At the same time it is also rather expensive. If using the TV/radio media is part of your consumer influence strategy – the focus is on planning the optimum block time placement schedule for both of these electronic media – as well as creating a radio and/or TV spot which communicates both in an unexpected, credible and meaningful way your core message, the latter being consistent with your branding strategy and all other collateral marketing activities.
– The Internet will most probably surprise you today and in the future as a cost-effective media vehicle! In order to really benefit from using the Internet – you need the right strategy and a realistic ambition level. You should also focus on preparing a flexible approach allowing easy and cost-efficient changes and updates to your website. JPbureau's Webcom Department has developed many innovative concepts, including its own Web Shop Concept – ready for your business. Electronically animated presentations may prove much more effective on your audience than conventional presentations on paper.
– The optimum benefit from exhibitions and shows is gained when all opportunities for exposure and customer contact are fully utilised. JPbureau's One-Stop-Company Concept provides the benefit of having only one project manager and team handling the development of the stand concept, the stand planning, the installation, the stand management, and the dismantling, as well as the stand decorations, posters, multimedia and films, arranging sales meetings and ensuring updates of your brochures. And all with only one contact person! This is the background for JPbureau's cost-effective solutions for any exhibition or show worldwide.
– Should it be a happening or a large sales show? Or a combination? We have solid experience in this field – having arranged events with up to more than 2,000 participants! A new product launch or detailed instructions to the sales force and distributors on a new complex piece of equipment? In your own country – at the factory – in a hotel – on a boat – on top of a mountain or in Africa's jungle? We have experience in planning and executing events of various sizes, different lengths, multiple purposes and at very different locations. Let's discuss new and unexpected ideas and concepts, and how they would fit in your business world, strategy and goals, keeping cost-benefit in mind, of course!
– Do you fully exploit your PR potential? Many companies do not! Many try to handle PR themselves and unfortunately only a few are successful. PR is a professional discipline that gives you a position and image that can help put your business in a more favourable environment. In some cases a company's PR handling may very well result in the opposite. PR is an effective tool to reach your customers in a less sales-oriented manner. JPbureau prepares PR programmes including media plans, writes press releases and manages press meetings, produces newsletters, etc.
– Most company successes are driven by people – by staff members, the owner(s), shareholders or customers. Knowledge sharing and experience transfer are becoming more and more important today, along with the increasing speed of the development of methodologies, systems, customer attitudes, etc., etc. At the same time – Education & Training activities are time consuming – and, unfortunately, not always very time-effective! JPbureau Business Development Academy provides tailor-made Learning Expeditions and E&T for JPbureau's own clients. With our wide background we are able to provide cost- and time-effective arrangements, which focus on the participants' own daily work and challenges.